Launch Phases & New Features

Testnet and Mainnet Launch 🛠️🌐

First comes testnet, then comes Mainnet! We're excited to announce our testnet launch in Q3 2023, and we're aiming to launch on mainnet in 2024.

Upcoming Features 🌟👥

In addition to our current gameplay, we're also working on a host of new features. We're eager to listen to your feedback during the testnet phase and innovate alongside it. Here are just a few of the exciting updates we're looking to add:
  • Message Friends 💌: Get social and chat with your friends within the game.
  • Send Friends Items 🎁: Share the love by gifting items to your friends.
  • Plant New Trees 🌳: Add more greenery to your land with a variety of trees.
  • Breed Animals 🐄: Expand your livestock through animal breeding.
  • Multiple Stoves and Chefs 🍳👩‍🍳: Increase your cooking capacity by hiring more chefs and adding more stoves.
  • Tiered Resources and Tools 🏹⛏️: Match your tools with resources of the same tier.
  • In-game Item Airdrops 🪂: Look out for airdropped items like seeds.
  • Internal Marketplace 💼: Trade items with other players through our in-game peer-to-peer marketplace.
  • Increasing Randomness & Synchronicity Factors 🎲🔮: Experience a more dynamic game with increased random events and synchronicities.
  • Use External Items in-game to Enchant Items 🧙‍♂️: Enhance your items using external items within the game.
  • Adding Ageing to Animals 🐔: Watch your livestock grow older over time.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we journey towards our mainnet launch! 🎉
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