Modelling 🧪

In our efforts to build and balance the Starkplay ecosystem, we're working on a variety of models. Some of which may be opensourced.

Allocation & Vesting Model 📈

This model helps us decide how tokens are allocated and vested over time to ensure fairness and stability in the ecosystem.

Bonding Curve Design & Model 📊

Our bonding curve model provides insights into its design might respond under various scenarios.

User Growth Model 👥

This model forecasts potential user growth, allowing us to scale our resources and strategies to meet future demand.

Financial Model 💰

The financial model is a comprehensive overview of our project's financial health, including revenue streams, costs, and profitability.

STKRP Supply & Demand Model 🔄

Understanding the dynamics of supply and demand is crucial for our token economy. This model helps us monitor and balance these factors.

Machinations Model of In-game Resources 🎮

This model analyzes the flow and usage of in-game resources, helping us ensure a balanced and engaging gaming experience.

VRGDA Models (Land + Spells) 🧙‍♂️

The VRGDA models for Land and Spells provide insights into these unique game elements, guiding their design and integration into our gaming ecosystem.