Risks & Considerations 💡

We're mindful of various risks and considerations. These range from technical risks, economic balance, user engagement to the risks associated with new technologies. 🛡️

Complexity of Economic Balance 🔄

The more crypto-economic primitives we introduce to the system, the higher the degree of complexity to maintain a balanced economy. It's a challenge we're constantly addressing to ensure fairness and stability.

Smart Contract Risk 🔒

Like all blockchain-based systems, we're exposed to smart contract risks. These can range from bugs in the code to potential vulnerabilities. We're committed to rigorous testing and auditing to mitigate these risks.

User Engagement 🎮

The success of Starkplay relies heavily on user engagement. There's a risk that the game may not compel users to play and engage with it continuously. Our team is dedicated to creating an exciting and engaging user experience to address this risk.

Token Price Volatility 📉

Token price may fluctuate due to various factors, including sell pressure from early investors. We're designing our tokenomics to promote stability and sustainable growth.

New Technology Risks 💻

Starkplay is built using StarkNet and Cairo, relatively new technologies in the blockchain space. While these technologies offer many advantages, they also bring potential risks due to their novelty. We're navigating this space with careful planning and consideration.

Run-Away In-Game Inflation 💣

We may fail to balance the in-game economy and resources may inflate at a rate which leads them to be so cheap that players purchase them instead of playing the game to obtain them themselves.