STKRP Utility 🔦

The STKRP token is a key part of the StarkPlay ecosystem. Here are a few ways you can use STKRP:
  • Governance: STKRP token holders can participate in the governance of the StarkPlay ecosystem, influencing decisions and shaping our collective future.
  • Land Purchases: To play CafeCosmos, players must first buy Land. Looking to expand your empire in CafeCosmos? You'll need STKRP for that.
  • Collateral for Cooking Recipes: To cook recipes, you must also deposit some collateral into the stove, so that if the player doesn't collect the yield by the end of the timeout's timeout, someone else will be able to update the state for them.
We're constantly exploring new ways to bring value to STKRP token holders. Stay tuned for more exciting utility features!