We are exploring different auctioning mechanisms to help balance, supply, demand and price for several assets.
Variable Rate Gradual Dutch Auctionss (VRGDAs) allow a project to create a custom schedule for selling various tokens within certain price ranges.
  • When sales are ahead of schedule, prices will increase to an upper bound. ⬆️
  • When sales are behind schedule prices will decrease towards a lower limit that is set. ⬇
There are currently 2 areas of the game we are considering to implements VRGDAs
  • Land
  • Spells
This would entail determining a schedule for the amount of Land or Spells that are to be sold over time and a price range in which it fluctuates when expectations are not met or are exceeded.
This is currently in modelling and experimentation phase and will only be implemented when we have drawn data driven conclusions about its potential impact on CafeCosmos and its players.
We are looking at best practices and considering multiple perspectives in our design for this mechanism. Some of our reference material includes: