Faucets & Drains 🪫

Our primary faucets for the STKRP token are:
  1. 1.
    The Bonding Curve
  2. 2.
    Secondary AMM (Automated Market Makers)
  3. 3.
    Re-Distribution Mechanism (cooking rewards)


Holders of STKRP tokens may choose to:
  • Retain it for governance purposes
  • Use it for in-game utilities (such as collateral for cooking or purchasing spells)
  • Purchase more land in CafeCosmos
  • Hold for speculation or to support the StarkPlay Mission and help us realize our Vision

Burn Mechanism

We recognize that STKRP tokens are continually circulating between users and the DAO via our re-distribution mechanism. These stakeholders may choose to sell it at some point.
To create a drain that effectively removes circulating supply based on usage we're implementing a burn mechanism associated with some STKRP utilities.

Staking Mechanism

TLDR: TBD if we implement a staking mechanism.
We may implement staking mechanisms for users to vote or other purposes however the exact design of our governance process for the DAO has yet to be finalized and we will strive to reduce governance friction where possible.
We will not pursue inflationary staking mechanisms that reward users with STKRP for staking the token unless the value generated from staking outweights the reward.