Re-Distribution 🔁

STKRP that players use in-game is redirected back to them via our Redistribution Mechanism.
CafeCosmos Players can earn STKRP through the Dividend Pools that reward players when they cook recipes.
We have identified 3 different outcomes for the STKRP that is spent
  1. 1.
    Sent to Dividend Pools
  2. 2.
    Sent to DAO Treasury
  3. 3.
A dynamic balance between these three forms one of the economic pillars of our system.

Redistribution Mechanism

There are 3 STKRP sources for the redistribution mechanism.
Land Purchases
90% goes to player reward pools, and 10% goes to the DAO treasury.
Cafe Cosmos In-game Utility
x% is redistributed to players and x% is burnt.
These numbers are subject to change based on the insights from our economic modelling and in the future, based on the decisions made by the DAO.

Check out our Re-distribution Mechanism in action.