Deflationary Elements 🔥

Many of our game assets in CafeCosmos are inflationary. To counter this, we plan to introduce game elements that are deflationary but also fun.

Deflation & Scarcity

One of our goals at StarkPlay is to translate real-world market dynamics into our game, creating opportunities for both loss and profit. Over time, we'll introduce innovative dynamics, such as weather events, that provide additional layers of strategy and risk.
Here are some hints for what we have planned for our Mainnet Launch:
  • Water Scarcity: Water is a key component for LIFE! It may not always be there in abundance, so we have to plan accordingly. Crops need water after all to survive. So we better find ways to stockpile it for a "rainy" day...
  • Changing Weather: Crops require a certain climate in which to grow. What happens when the climate changes? Well so too does the farming season. What does that mean for your Cafe? It means new activities, resources but at the same time...some things won't grow so well.... Better plan accordingly if you still want to be baking your pizzas in winter and collecting those rewards.
  • Animal Rights: I don't know about you, but if i don't protect my cow from cold weather... they'll walk out on me.